Freshly ground matcha made easy

Matcha Maker Gift Starter Kit

Freshly ground matcha made easy

Authentic matcha for modern life

Distilling centuries of tea preparation into an elegant machine designed for today’s rituals. 

*Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (antioxidant)

Why freshly ground matters

Matcha leaves hold their freshness, flavor and nutrients longer than pre-ground matcha powder. Even after two months, matcha leaves maintain a higher level of antioxidants than matcha powder.
Kyle Connaughton, Owner angleThread Farms, Healdsburg, CAd Chef, Sin

SingleThread’s internationally-renowned Chef Kyle Connaughton is now collaborating with Cuzen to deliver original recipes using freshly-ground matcha.

Fresh matcha leaves

The best matcha powder starts with the best leaves

Our shade-grown organic tencha leaves are sustainably farmed from small family operations in the traditional tea-growing regions of Japan. 
Premium, Signature, Latte Blend matcha leaf packets (20g and 60g)

Three blends with many ways to enjoy

Our tea blends embody flavor profiles for different tastes and uses: Premium has a traditional nuance ideal for a straight matcha, Signature is full-bodied for mixed drinks and recipes and Latte Blend is robust enough for a creamy milk.

The fresh matcha palate 

Freshly-ground matcha adds depth to any recipe. Visit our growing collection.