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Our series of Okumidori varieties will allow experienced tea drinkers to compare the distinctions of a tea grown in three different locations: Shizuoka is toasty and crisp, Uji has a roasted fragrance with a note of bitterness and Kirishima is grassy and smooth. Each profile is a result of the unique fog and soil it was nurtured in and the local techniques used for processing.

Each Single Origin Okumidori comes in a 20-gram canister and can be purchased individually. An entire 20-gram canister can be poured into the Cuzen hopper and stored there for up to two months. We also offer a set of all three varieties, so the subtleties can be compared and enjoyed. The set comes in a beautiful kiri bako that can be repurposed for centerpieces, eating utensils, pencils or other items. The kiri bako is also food safe and pest resistant. 

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Sweet, mellow, toasted fragrance

Shizuoka, Japan

A sophisticated tea from high-altitude farmland. Negative ions from river fog and surrounding swamp areas allow plants to grow quickly despite the shortage of sun exposure. The soil is full of stones, but nutrient-rich, making it fertile for cultivation. A sip of this tea begins with a toasted rice fragrance, followed by the crisp, clean notes of cool mountain fog.

“This seems like a beautiful one for somebody who is newer to matcha to try first. Over time as you come to know something whether wine, coffee, or matcha, you build into a more robust flavor.”

Kyle Connaughton
Chef and Co-owner, SingleThread

Kyle Connaughton Chef and Co-owner, SingleThread


Roasted fragrance, long and slightly bitter finish

Uji, Japan

In a beautiful, mineral-rich basin surrounded by mountains, there is a centuries-old tradition of tea-growing and processing. This Okumidori comes from an Uji style of steaming tea leaves and is fragrant with a long finish and a hint of bitterness. The farmer of this tea started the organic method several years ago and this year is the first certified organic crop.

“It’s like dew and sweet moss – green, aromatic and vibrant. It has a bit of a connection to a really good quality nori.”

Kyle Connaughton
Chef and Co-owner, SingleThread

Kyle Connaughton Chef and Co-owner, SingleThread


Refined, layered, complex

Kirishima, Japan

This tea has a subtle yet rich collection of color, tastes and aroma. The area’s balance of thick fog and high levels of sunshine make a perfect environment for flavorful, healthy leaves. The first notes of this vivid green tea are reminiscent of the ocean, followed by a fresh grassy background and ending with a hint of smooth umami sweetness. 

“This one has a really nice full body flavor. It’s not overpowering. There’s no bitterness or astringency and registers to me as a higher umami glutamate level.”

Kyle Connaughton
Chef and Co-owner, SingleThread

Kyle Connaughton Chef and Co-owner, SingleThread

Where our teas are grown
Uji, Shizuoka and Kirishima highlighted in Japan map

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lubomira Scherschun

Very high quality and super fresh. I love the taste and look forward to my daily drink!

Jamie Kim

The best I use it multiple times a day everyday!

Maureen Schafer
Love the Machine and the product

I received this as a gift and it is everything advertised.

Ryan O'Connell

It'd be nice to figure how the points work or to have anyone reply to an email asking how they work.

Taste is amazing when it is freshly ground!

Honestly I thought this was kind of gimmicky. My husband kindly purchased this machine for me knowing my love for matcha. After the first use I was IN LOVE! I absolutely LOVE this machine. I now have my husband and adult children regularly getting the antioxidants that I have grown to love over the years. We all love the taste. We agree that the flavor of the signature blend is the best. I love to mix it with almond milk for a delicious latte.

I have stomach issues and started drinking matcha on the advice of my physician. After several months my stomach issues are much less and seem to have the possibility of actually going away! But not only helping with my gastrointestinal issues the antioxidants seem to be helping my overall health be so much better. I have had comments on my skin looking younger (I am 53) and I have to credit it with drinking matcha for the past few years.

I LOVE this machine which makes my match routine not only quicker but tastier too!


  • Individual canister: 20g single origin, organic, whole leaf, Okumidori tencha
  • Box set: 3x 20g canisters of single origin, organic, whole leaf, Okumidori tencha (Shizuoka, Uji, Kirishima) and kiri bako


The Single Origin box set is packed into an elegant kiri bako, a nail-free box made from paulownia wood. Kiri bako is traditionally-designed, durable and known for keeping out moisture and pests, making it popular for food storage or keepsakes.

Why Cuzen TEA

1: Certified Organic
Only a small percentage of Japanese tea farms are fully organic; those are the farms we source our shade-grown tencha leaves from. (Tencha is the name of the tea leaves that are ground to make matcha powder.)   

2: Made for the Cuzen Matcha Maker

The size, shape and fully-roasted condition of our leaves is optimized to work with the compact ceramic mill inside our Cuzen Matcha Maker.

3: Singular Access
Tencha leaves are usually traded exclusively between tea farmers and tea companies, and not available to a wider market.

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