Organic Matcha Leaf Packets / Latte Blend

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*We suggest a level two or three shot for the perfect matcha latte.

For people who love their lattes and matcha mixers. This tea blend has a robust flavor with hints of bitter greens. It stands up well in your matcha latte, and the bright tannins make it better suited for complex recipes. 


An entire 20g leaf packet can be poured into the Cuzen hopper and stored there for up to two months. The 60g leaf packet comes in a resealable pouch.

We carefully source our shade-grown organic leaves from an independent tea farm in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan.

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Make a Perfect Matcha Latte

Since matcha is far smoother than brewed beverages, less milk is needed to temper the bitterness. One tumbler holds eight ounces, the perfect capacity for our suggested ratio of six ounces milk to a two-ounce matcha shot. Hot or cold, with or without sweetener, you will have a rich, healthful and wholly satisfying beverage.

Matcha latte in a ceramic cup.
2 oz Latte blend matcha shot (level 2 or 3)
6 oz Milk of choice (Hot or cold)
Sweetener (Optional)

1. Using the Matcha Maker, make a matcha shot at level 2 or 3.

2. Pour the fresh matcha shot into a Perfect Matcha Latte Cup.

3. Add milk.

4. Sweeten to taste.

Note: Using hot water in the whisking cup can send steam up the nozzle and clog the mill. We recommend using room temperature or cold water for whisking.

Can I use hot water in the whisking cup? 

(Scroll down to Matcha Maker section)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brian Powell
Starbucks who? Starbucks what?

I bought the machine couple months ago as early present and the smaller packs of various flavors. Recently ordered couple of what ended up being the larger packs as the initial inventory had done it’s job. Overall very happy consumer of machine and products. Starbucks has nothing on homemade.

Bryan Beadle
Life Changing

I love the fresh ground experience of Cuzen Matcha. I was already someone who sought out the best ceremonial grade matcha I could find. But after find Cuzen I can never go back to powder. With Cuzen I use less to much greater effect, and matcha time in the morning gets me out of bed. I've made my father in law a loyal user as well. Well Done Cuzen!!!


20g or 60g organic matcha leaf


1: Certified Organic
Only a small percentage of Japanese tea farms are fully organic; those are the farms we source our shade-grown tencha leaves from. (Tencha is the name for the tea leaves that are ground to make matcha powder.) 

2: Made for the Cuzen Matcha Maker

The size, shape, and fully roasted condition of our leaves is optimized to work with the compact ceramic mill inside our Cuzen Matcha Maker.

3: Singular Access
Tencha leaves are usually traded exclusively between tea farmers and tea companies, and are not available to a wider market. We spend time with our supplying farmers, touching, tasting, smelling and feeling the tencha that will go into our blend. 

4: Price*
20g   $0.85/ single shot
60g   $0.73/ single shot
300g (60gx5)   $0.59 / single shot
20g packet makes up to 20 shots
60g packet makes up to 60 shots

*We suggest a level two or three shot for the perfect matcha latte.

Profiles At a Glance: Latte Blend vs. Signature Blend

There are two distinctive differences between the Latte and Signature Blends. The Latte blend has emphasized notes of bitterness and the Signature blend has slightly more umami. Each blend was made with a specific purpose in mind.

Organic matcha leaf packet | Latte Blend

Latte blend

For people who love lattes, a blend that holds well in a variety of milks
Organic matcha leaf packet | Signature


For people who want versatility, a full-bodied blend that performs boldly in both refreshing mixed drinks and a straight matcha. 





bright AND robust











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