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For connoisseurs who appreciate the ritual of tea. Single-origin Okumidori has a subtle yet rich palette of color, tastes and aroma. The leaf is cultivated in the Kirishima region of Kagoshima prefecture, known for volcano-fed soil and mountains draped in fog. The leaf makes for a vivid jade green tea, with first notes reminiscent of the ocean, layered over a fresh grassy background and ending with a hint of smooth umami sweetness. This is an artful tea; the journey will make you smile.

(Note that Okumidori comes in whole leaf form and must be ground into powder, using Cuzen’s Matcha Maker.)

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The Finest Tea Leaves from Fog Island

Kirishima in Kagoshima, Japan
Kirishima in Kagoshima, Japan

Our leaves are sourced in the Kirishima area (literally “fog island”) of Kagoshima prefecture, a terrific natural environment for tea growth. The region's high altitude means fewer insects can live there. There is usually a good amount of moisture in the air and plenty of sun, which encourages healthy leaves.

A map of Japan showing Kagoshima prefecture.
A tea farmer checking the quality of the matcha tea leaves.

We’re proud to work with Japanese tea farmers dedicated to high-quality organic tea production. They’re one of the small number of Japanese tea farms that are fully organic.

Customer Reviews

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Kazuhide Itoh
Thanks for antioxidants, freshly ground and delicious matcha

Hi, Eijiro
Thank you very matcha for delivering antioxidants, freshly ground and delicious cup of matcha in my own house whenever I want, through the awesome matcha machine. I'm enjoying Cuzen matcha mostly level 2 with 5oz mineral water or soda.
Thanks again !
Best regards


20g organic, single-origin whole tencha leaf

Why Cuzen TEA

1: Certified Organic
Only a small percentage of Japanese tea farms are fully organic; those are the farms we source our shade-grown tencha leaves from. (Tencha is the name of the tea leaves that are ground to make matcha powder.)   

2:  Made for the Cuzen Matcha Maker

The size, shape, and fully-roasted condition of our leaves is optimized to work with the compact ceramic mill inside our Cuzen Matcha Maker.

3: Singular Access
Tencha leaves are usually traded exclusively between tea farmers and tea companies, and not available to a wider market.

Profiles At a Glance: Okumidori Single Origin vs.Premium Blend

While both the Okumidori and Premium blend are excellent for drinking straight, they have different standout qualities. Okumidori is subtle but complex and umami sweet. The Premium blend is more delicate and umami-bold.

Organic single origin matcha leaf can, Okumidori


A leaf extraordinary enough for a ceremony or the experience of a straight drink from a single origin.
Matcha leaf packet premium


A blend that makes an exceptional straight drink. 



Sakimidori, Okumidori, Tsuyuhikari, Asanoka, Okuyutaka


Refined and three-dimensional


Length of Finish






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