Authentic matcha for modern life

Japanese founder, Eijiro Tsukada, started with a simple vision: to make authentic, freshly-ground matcha accessible for the modern, daily ritual. With the traditional stonemill and bamboo whisk in mind, he designed a Matcha Maker to grind and whisk organic leaves into fresh, high-quality matcha.

Grinding: Ceramic mill

Strong compact ceramic mill components and a complex groove pattern use high pressure equivalent to a traditional 130-pound granite mill in order to produce fine matcha power.

  • Cuzen Matcha Maker

    • Average 6.1 μm 
    • Silky and Smooth
    • Automatic
  • Traditional stone mill

    • Around 5-10μm  
    • Silky and Smooth
    • Very Heavy
  • Kitchen Grinder

    • Average 100 -200μm   
    • Coarse and Unpleasant
    • Automatic
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Whisking: Magnetic whisk

Rotating at high speed, the magnetic whisk, together with the platform, achieves the same effect as bamboo whisking by hand. The development team prioritized durability for daily use and overall convenience, resulting in the integration of the magnetic whisk inside the cup in the current model.

Storing: Tea leaf hopper

The brushed aluminum chamber can hold up to 20 cups of matcha leaves. The hopper, paired with the bamboo lid, prevents the leaves from losing their freshness by limiting their exposure to oxygen.