A Matcha Maker, flanked a matcha drink in a thin glass, one in a ceramic mug, and a bowl of Matcha Leaf packets.

Authentic matcha for modern life

Japanese founder, Eijiro Tsukada, started with a simple vision: to make authentic, freshly-ground matcha accessible for the modern, daily ritual. With the traditional stonemill and bamboo whisk in mind, he designed a Matcha Maker to grind and whisk organic leaves into fresh, high-quality matcha. 

A hand pours a bright green matcha shot into the last of four glasses of sparkling matcha, on a silver tray.
Cuzen co-founders Oki Hatta and Eijiro Tsukada smile through a foreground of tea leaves, with a mountain towering behind them.
A lady bug perches on the tip of a leaf on a tea plant. The sun shines through the bright green leaves.

A message from the founder

I started Cuzen Matcha with my long-time friend, Oki Hatta, because we really love matcha, and we know freshly-ground organic matcha is better. Smells better, tastes better and feels better. The color is more vivid and the nutrients are preserved better.

Drinking matcha with Cuzen is one healthy daily habit that’s easy. Fresh, organic leaves are sent to you, while grinding and whisking are made simple with the Matcha Maker. All you have to do is press a button and enjoy the moment.

We put together a video with footage of the tea farms we source from and interviews with our farming partner and mechanical engineer. We hope this will provide a deeper understanding of our commitment to accessible, sustainably-grown, fresh matcha.

— Eijiro Tsukada

Our Story

The Matcha Maker Sumi Black, adjacent to Aoi Yamaguchi’s calligraphed words: “Sumi iro,” “color of sumi,” in the upper right corner.

Introducing the Sumi Black

Introducing Sumi Black

The new Matcha Maker Sumi Black is a charcoal-hued, limited-edition of the original Matcha Maker. The black design elicits balance, precision and elegance. It is powerful, yet serene and reminds us of the graceful calligrapher’s strokes of sumi, “calligrapher’s ink,” onto an empty white paper.

To illustrate, we collaborated with Japanese artist, Aoi Yamaguchi, on the calligraphy featured in the launching of Sumi Black.