*1. Each discount code from redeemed points can be only used for one order at a time (one discount code per order).

2. In aims to improve our Referral Program and Cuzenist Rewards program for our customers, we have moved to a new platform. As a part of this move, we have adjusted existing customers’ points to reflect the points logic of the new platform. For more information, please contact hi@cuzenmatcha.com

3. Discount codes from redeemed points can be used for the following products:
Organic Single Origin / Okumidori (3-box set)
Organic Single Origin / Okumidori (individual canisters/Kirishima, Shizuoka, Uji)
Daily Matcha Bowl
Perfect Matcha Latte Glass
Perfect Matcha Latte Cup
Matcha Maker Starter Kit
Matcha Maker Gift Starter Kit
Ceramic mill unit
Whisking cup

Discount codes from redeemed points cannot be used on our Premium, Signature, and Latte Blends.

Student Discounts

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