Leaf Packets

You can now order more of our organic whole leaves whenever you like. They come in two blends; Premium for drinking straight, Signature for mixing, and are available in 20g and 60g sizes.

We carefully source our shade-grown organic leaves from an independent tea farm in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan. Matcha Leaf subscriptions are coming soon!

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Organic matcha green tea leaves grown in Japan


Perfect for drinking straight.

20g  $1.50 /cup
60g  $1.37 /cup


Meant for mixing. In a latte, sparkling water, beer, white wine, and more.

20g  $1.00 /cup

60g  $0.87 /cup

Why Cuzen

1: certified Organic

Only a small percentage of Japanese tea farms are fully organic, those are the farms we source our shade-grown organic matcha leaves from. 

2: MADE for the matcha maker

The size, shape, and condition of our leaves is optimized to work with the compact ceramic mill inside our Cuzen Matcha Maker.

3: hard to come by

Matcha leaves (called tencha before they’re ground into powder) is usually traded exclusively between tea farmers and tea companies, and not available to a wider market.

Shipping and Returns

  • Free shipping with the US for orders over $31 (Alaska and Hawaii $4.99) International shipping is available from here.

  • All sales are final. If anything arrives damaged or defective, email us within 30 days (hi@cuzenmatcha.com) and we’ll send you a replacement.

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Matcha Leaf

Two different blends of matcha. Both from shade-grown organic harvests, each with their own flavor profiles.