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Matcha Maker Starter Kit Sumi Black

Matcha Maker Starter Kit Sumi Black

Limited Edition

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The Matcha Maker Starter Kit Sumi Black is available as a limited edition product for this holiday season. 

Like the original Matcha Maker Starter Kit, the Sumi Starter Kit includes everything you need to initiate a daily ritual of freshly-ground matcha. The elegantly-designed machine stores, grinds and whisks our organic leaves. We include three 4 gram-packets of our Matcha Leaf Blends, so that you can sample each one before subscribing or purchasing more.


  • Matcha Maker
  • 1 x Premium Matcha Leaf (4g)
  • 1 x Signature Matcha Leaf (4g)
  • 1 x Latte Blend Matcha Leaf (4g)
  • “A guide to your matcha moment” booklet


Height: 13.4" Width: 8.7" Depth: 4.7" Weight: 4.6 lb


One-year manufacturer warranty


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Designed in Northern California, engineered in Tokyo, and manufactured in Shenzhen, China.

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Collaboration with Aoi Yamaguchi

We collaborated with Japanese calligrapher, Aoi Yamaguchi, for the artwork highlighting the sumi,“ink,” color of the Cuzen Sumi  Matcha Maker. The joint effort was inspired by our shared practice of combining modern and traditional Japanese elements.

In this design, Aoi employs fluid lines and curves created by kasure, "dry strokes," and nijimi, "blurred effects" of tanboku,"light ink," which contrast beautifully with the clean, modern design of the Cuzen Matcha Maker. The organic strokes and rhythms of the tanboku style complement the geometric shapes and precision of the Matcha Maker.

The logos of five awards, won by Cuzen for the Cuzen Matcha Maker.
  • TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020
  • Winner of CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree
  • SF Design Week Awards 2020 - Future of Foods
  • iF Design Award 2021
  • The Esquire Home Awards
  • Dezeen Awards 2020 Design Longlist
What people are saying
  • A 4-gram sample packet of Premium Blend Matcha next to a saucerful of deep green matcha leaves.


    • 100% spring harvest
    • Delicate, smooth, umami-rich
    • Best experienced straight
  • A 4-gram sample packet of Signature Blend Matcha next to a saucerful of deep green matcha leaves.


    • Spring and summer harvest
    • Fuller-bodied, balanced
    • Perfect for mixing
  • A 4-gram sample packet of Latte Blend Matcha next to a saucerful of deep green matcha leaves.

    Latte Blend

    • Spring and summer harvest
    • Bright and robust
    • Ideal for lattes and mixers
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  • A hand pours a Matcha Leaf packet into the Matcha Maker hopper.

    Step 1

    Pour entire leaf packet into the hopper. The hopper holds a 20-gram packet.

  • The whisking cup full of water is gently placed on the Matcha Maker platform, clicking into place.

    Step 2

    Fill whisking cup to water line and lock in place.

  • A person’s finger moves into the frame and pushes the “strength” button on the Matcha Maker control panel.

    Step 3

    Select matcha strength and press START.

    • Level 1 : 1 g matcha
    • Level 2 : 1.5 g matcha
    • Level 3 : 2 g matcha
  • Matcha powder falls from the funnel into the whisking cup. The magnetic whisk swirls it into the water.

    Step 4

    The beep signals your shot is ready.

  • A hand holds a whisking cup full of a frothy, bright green matcha shot.

    Step 5

    Make your favorite matcha drinks and enjoy.

  • A hand removes the magnetic whisk from the whisking cup before cleaning the cup with water.

    Cleanup is simple, too. 

    Easily rinse both the cup and whisk. They are also top-rack dishwasher safe.

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Grind-Only Mode

Perfect for those who want to whisk freshly ground matcha the traditional way. Also great for cooking and baking with matcha powder.

  • A hand moves an empty whisking cup, with the whisk removed, onto the Matcha Maker platform.

    Step 1

    Place the dry whisking cup (without the whisk) on the platform and lock in place with the spout pointing away from you.

  • A person touches the “strength” button on the Matcha Maker control panel.

    Step 2

    First, push the strength button once and the light will turn on. Second, push and hold the strength button until all three lights blink.

  • A person touches the “start” button on the Matcha Maker control panel.

    Step 3

    After a moment, push start. The lights will stop blinking, but will remain lit.

  • A person stands in front of the Matcha Maker, as freshly-ground matcha powder falls from the funnel into the cup.

    Step 4

    Wait as your fresh matcha falls from the grinder. The grinding process will take three minutes and a beep will indicate your powder is ready.

  • A cup full of bright Okumidori matcha powder is pulled off the Matcha Maker platform. Nearby is a bamboo whisk.

    Step 5

    Enjoy hand-whisking, cooking or baking.

    The grind-only mode makes 1.5 grams of powder.

  • A bright green video poster with a white-lettered title: “Quick Tips: Using Grind-Only Mode.”

    Watch a short instructional clip on our Matcha Maker’s grind-only mode.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Daniel Jang (Friday Harbor, US)
Life Changing!

I use my machine daily. Now all of my family owns one. We don’t go a day without it. Freshly ground matcha can’t be beat!

Laura Castillo (Miami Beach, US)
Better than Starbucks!

The quality of matcha is incredible. It’s very easy to use and I am saving money making my matcha at home. I’m so happy to have this in my kitchen!

Alan S (Chicago, US)
Amazing Machine!

I have owned and used the Cuzen Matcha Maker for at least 2+ years and I absolutely love it. It is consistent and makes amazing matcha drinks. It offers a quick and healthy way to get long lasting energy. 100% would recommend to any matcha lover.

Daniel Pendleton (San Francisco, US)
Best matcha

I bought the Cuzen for my girlfriend’s birthday after trying it at Single Thread. I didn’t make a lot of matcha or drink a lot of it because it was, for the most part, pretty mediocre. The quality of matcha and the ease of producing using the Cuzen now means that we drink a lot of matcha and I’m blown away that this machine didn’t exist earlier. Water temperature matters, but otherwise the rest is so easy and delicious.

Bill Thompson (Azusa, US)

Matcha Maker Starter Kit