Grind Amount

Some disparities in grind amount

By a very small margin, each Matcha Maker produces a slightly different amount of fine matcha powder. This is primarily because our upper and lower mills are ceramic parts—essentially baked clay. However minuscule the differences are, each ceramic mill part is unique. And those minor individual differences in groove pattern alter how the upper and lower mills fit together, and ultimately affect grind consistency.

Cuzen Matcha grind amount table


A more consistent grind

Our Level 1 grind produces about 1 g of fresh matcha powder. Through research and development phases of our product, we found that 18 machines produced an average of 1.0 g in 120 sec. The disparity in mills means a range of matcha produced is from 0.6 g to 1.3 g (see the graph above).

Our engineering team is working to narrow this variance, and we’re doing everything we can to improve your experience now and in the longer term.


Not happy? Try a new mill

It’s important to us that you love your Cuzen Matcha. If you don’t like how your Matcha Maker prepares your matcha (maybe it makes too little matcha, maybe too much) please email us at We’ll send you two lower mill replacements, so you can try three (including the original) and keep using the one you like best.

Cuzen Matcha | Lower ceramic mill