About our renewed Cuzenist Rewards Program

A few key updates have been made to our Cuzenist Rewards Program. Scroll to the bottom for details.

Apply your points to any product on our website.

Previously, points were only redeemable for replacement parts. Under the new program, points are redeemable for discounts.

Use your points on existing subscriptions.

Already subscribed to receive Cuzen Matcha Leaf? Your points can be applied to your subscription. Learn how below. Scroll down to learn how.

Confirm and redeem your points via the Cuzenist Rewards page or your account page.

Our Rewards pop-up window is gone. Now you can confirm and redeem your points on this page or your account page.

  • Do I still have my points from the old rewards program?

    Yes. Your points have migrated from the old platform to the new. Your activity prior to Oct. 31, 2023 is not visible, but your point balance was transferred.

  • Can I combine discounts?

    No. Only one discount code can be used per order, and discount codes from the Rewards Program cannot be combined with other promotions.

  • When will I see my reward points for referring friends and family?

    Once your friend or family member has purchased a Cuzen Matcha Maker through your referral, you will receive 2500 points.

  • How do I redeem my points for a subscription?

    1. Once you’re signed in, select the person icon at the top right corner of any Cuzen website page. If you are on mobile, select the menu icon at the top left corner of the website. A dropdown will appear. Scroll to the bottom and select the person icon labeled “Log in.”
    2. Scroll down to the section titled “Your subscriptions.” 
    3. On the right-hand side, in a box titled “Next charge,” your total point balance will be noted next to “Redeem points.” (The section appears only after you have 500 points.) Below that line is a button with your available discount. Select the button.
    4. The total charge for your next subscription will be immediately updated. (You must log in to your account and manually apply the discount each month or every other month, depending on your plan.)
  • How do referral reward points work?

    1. Only new users will receive a one-time discount code. 
    2. Referral discounts cannot be applied retroactively. 
    3. Only Matcha Makers are eligible for referral discounts. The discount cannot be applied to other products on our website.
    4. Referral points will be added only after the referred friend purchases an item with their one-time discount code.
    5. Referral points can only be added to an existing Rewards account. We recommend creating an account before referring friends.
    6. If the referred friend returns their Matcha Maker, the points earned by the referring Cuzenist will be withdrawn.