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Where can I see my current subscription plan?

  1. Select the person icon at the top right corner. 
  2. Sign into your account. 
  3. On your account page, scroll down to the section titled “Your subscriptions.”

cuzen matcha login FAQ
cuzen matcha my account FAQ

How do I make changes to my subscription plan?

  1. Select the person icon at the top right corner.
  2. Sign into your account.
  3. On your account page, scroll down to the section titled “Your subscriptions.” 
  4. Below the product details, select “Edit product.” In the dropdown menu select from the following options:  
    a. “Update quantity” to increase or decrease the number of packets in each delivery.
    b. “Swap product” to change the product you are subscribed to for a different product.
  5. Select “Manage subscription.” In the dropdown menu, select from the following options: 
    a. “Skip upcoming order” to skip one or more upcoming shipments.
    b. “Change delivery frequency” to choose between receiving a delivery every month or every two months.
    c. “Update next delivery date” to change your subscription scheduling. Please note that this is the order fulfillment date, not the delivery date. It usually takes about a week for products to be delivered.
    d. “Add product” to add another product to your subscription.
    e. “Update shipping address” to change your shipping address. Please note that there is only one shipping method available for subscription.
    f. “Update payment method” to change your payment method.
    g. “Cancel subscription” to cancel your subscription anytime. Please make sure to cancel at least one day in advance of any upcoming order. If not canceled in time, the upcoming shipment will be sent and your account will be charged. 

Cuzen Matcha Top Page FAQ
Cuzen Matcha My Account FAQ
Cuzen Matcha Subscriptions1 FAQ

How much does subscription shipping cost?

For 48 states and Washington, D.C.: Free shipping on orders over $31.00 (a $2.99 fee for less than $31.00).

For Alaska and Hawaii: Free shipping on orders over $101.00 (a $4.99 fee for less than $101.00).

Why am I being charged for a shipment when the first delivery was free?

For subscription deliveries under $31.00, there is a shipping fee. Your first delivery may have contained a Starter Kit plus your Matcha Leaf subscription, which would put your delivery over $31.00. (48 states + D.C. have a $2.99 shipping fee on orders less than $31.00. Alaska and Hawaii have a $4.99 shipping fee on orders less than $101.00.)

What’s your cancellation policy for subscriptions?

You can cancel anytime. There is no order minimum. To cancel:

  1. Select the person icon at the top right corner.
  2. Sign into your account.
  3. Scroll down to the section titled “Your subscriptions”.
  4. Select “Manage Subscription.” In the dropdown menu, select “Cancel Subscription.” Please make sure to cancel at least one day in advance of any upcoming order. If not canceled in time, the upcoming shipment will be sent and your account will be charged.

Cuzen Matcha Login FAQ
Cuzen Matcha My Account FAQ

Loyalty and Referral Program

How can I sign up Cuzenist Rewards

  1. Click on Cuzenist Rewards icon at the bottom left corner. 
  2. Click on "Join now" on the pop-up window.
  3. Input your information and click "Continue". 

Loyalty instruction
FAQ Join Now
input information

How can I earn Cuzenist Rewards Points

There are a two main ways to earn Cuzenist Rewards Points. 

  1. Earn 2 Points for every $1.00 spent, including your subscription purchase. Earn 2x faster when you are a gold member (4 Points for every $1.00 spent). You can become a gold member when you spend $500 in the last 365 days.
  2. Earn 3000 Points when you refer your friends and family

You can also earn Points in various ways.

  • Earn 50 Points by registering Cuzenist Rewards
  • Earn 25 Points by sharing Cuzen Matcha on your social media
  • Earn 50 Points on your birthday when you input your birthday

Cuzen Matcha My Subscriptions FAQ

What can I exchange my points for?

You can check what you can exchange your Cuzenist Rewards Points for by checking the reward section on the pop-up window.

Stay tuned. More exciting Rewards are coming in the future.

How do I refer my friends and family to earn Cuzenist Rewards Points?

  1. Share your unique referral URL with your friends and family. 
  2. The referee can see the pop-up when they visit Cuzen Matcha using your unique referral URL. 
  3. The referee can type their email addresses to get a one-time discount code in their email.  
  4. You get 3000 Cuzen Rewards Points 30 days after your referee purchased.

Only new users can get a one-time discount code. Referral discounts cannot be applied retroactively. You cannot to earn Cuzen Rewards Points when the referee didn't use the one-time discount code when they purchased.


What is matcha?

Matcha is a fine powder that’s made from a special green tea leaf called tencha. You grind tencha leaves to make matcha.

How is matcha different from other green tea?

Unlike other green tea, matcha leaves are covered and grown in the shade for three weeks before harvest. Blocking the sunlight causes the leaves to produce more chlorophyl and L-theanine, giving matcha its rich umami flavor and relaxing qualities.

What’s L-theanine?

L-theanine is an amino acid found in matcha that calms people down.

It helps regulate cortisol (a stress hormone) and moderates the body’s caffeine uptake. Since matcha contains both L-theanine and caffeine, it provides a mellow, longer-lasting boost of energy.

Where are your matcha leaves from?

Our matcha leaves are grown on an organic tea farm in Kagoshima, Japan.

Are all your matcha leaves organic?

Yes, and it’s our goal to continue sourcing only organic matcha leaves.

At the moment, only a few Japanese tea farms are certified USDA Organic, so this can be a challenge.We continue doing everything we can to encourage more tea growers to transition to organic farming practices.

Are your matcha leaves ceremonial grade or culinary grade?

The terms “ceremonial” and “culinary” can only be judged by the integrity of the company. There’s currently very little regulation or standardization of matcha, so basically anybody can call their matcha “ceremonial” or “culinary” —even in Japan. But based on the observations of people who’ve tried our matcha before, our Premium is regarded as ceremonial grade or higher, while our Signature falls somewhere between ceremonial and culinary grade.

Do your matcha leaves have an expiration date?

Our matcha leaves are good until two years after production.

How long do your matcha leaves stay fresh in the hopper

Our tea leaf hopper can hold an entire 20 g packet and will stay fresh about a month.

How much do your matcha leaves cost per drink? 

A matcha made with one shot, from a 20-gram packet of Cuzen Matcha Leaf will cost about $1.00 per cup using Signature Leaf, about $1.50 per cup using Premium Leaf and $0.85 a cup using Latte Blend.

Is the tea packet plastic?

In short, and unfortunately, yes. The quality of our tea is our first priority and we haven’t found a compostable bag that maintains the quality of our tea leaves over time. We hope to find a better packaging solution in the future so we can realize a more sustainable system without sacrificing the high-quality.

Can I use other tea leaves in my Matcha Maker? 

We don’t recommend using other tea leaves in the Matcha Maker. Not only would the taste be very different, but the varying size of leaves and moisture they contain may affect grind quality and even clog our ceramic mill.

How much caffeine does your matcha have?

The caffeine percentage for Premium is 2.7%, while Signature is 2.9%.

So in one cup (1 g) of Premium, there’s 27 mg of caffeine, and 54 mg in a double shot. For context, a cup of espresso contains around 70-80 mg and a cup of coffee contains around 200 mg.

Does matcha contain lead? How much do your matcha leaves contain?

Matcha naturally contains lead as the roots of the tea plant absorb it from the soil. We’ve conducted tests and found that Premium contains 0.06 mg/kg and Signature contains 0.09mg/kg. The Maximum Allowable Dose Level for lead is 0.5 μg/day. This means a person would need to drink more than 8 cups (8g) of Premium a day to approach the threshold.

Matcha Maker

Can I use hot water in the whisking cup?

We recommend room temperature or cold water to experience the full umami and smooth taste of freshly ground matcha. If you prefer to use hot water, we recommend no hotter than 175℉ /80℃ (not boiling). You should wipe the nozzle after each use and clean the nozzle regularly to prevent leaves from sticking in the grinder due to steam. Or, you can use grind-only mode and manually whisk the matcha into hot water.

What’s your warranty?

We offer one year warranty. We’ll repair or replace any defective parts or the whole machine at no charge. If key removable parts, like the whisking cup, are broken under regular usage, we’ll ship replacement parts for free during the warranty period no matter where you are.

The warranty doesn’t apply to any issues with appearance or damage to the exterior of the machine. Nor does it cover any malfunction or damage caused by misuse, like using other kinds of tea leaves (leaves with more moisture can clog the mill), or improper voltage.

How durable is the Matcha Maker? What if it breaks? 

Our machine is UL certified, so you can be confident that it’s durable. If it stops working for some reason, our one year warranty covers key replaceable parts, and we’ll send you a new one for free. Beyond the warranty, you’ll be able to order replacement parts from our site in case something goes wrong.

How often does the ceramic mill need to be replaced? 

Our ceramic mill is quite strong and is built to produce a consistently fine grind through daily use over many years. To be specific, it can grind for up to 273 hours (not non-stop, the mill would heat up from overuse) or for 8,190 single shots. (8,190 * 2 min = 273 hours). Anyway, you’ve got a while.

Is the grinding loud?

Although it makes some noise, it’s still quieter than a coffee grinder. You can watch this video to hear how much noise it makes.

Can I grind different tea leaves or other ingredients in the Matcha Maker?

Our ceramic mill was developed to work exclusively with the unique size, shape, and condition of our leaves.

If you were to use regular green tea leaves, which contain more moisture than our matcha leaves, they may stick to and clog the mill, resulting in permanent damage.

How is your ceramic mill different from a regular blender?

Our mill produces a very fine grind, with particle size under 20 micrometers (one millionth of a meter). Our matcha powder has an average size is 6.1 microns, with more than 90% of particles under 10 microns. Other blenders may not be able to do so.

Where is your Matcha Maker made?

Our machine was designed in Northern California, engineered in Tokyo, Japan, and is manufactured in Shenzhen, China.

Getting Started

How do I place the whisking cup?

Fill the whisking cup to its water line. Then, place the whisking cup on the platform, with its spout facing the back of the machine. The bottom of the cup should fit snugly over the platform’s notches. 

How do I pick my matcha strength?

Push the STRENGTH button once for Level 1 (a single shot). Twice for Level 2 (a 1.5 shot). Three times for Level 3 (a double shot). And once more to go back to Level 1.

How do I make a hot matcha? 

We recommend adding a room temperature Cuzen matcha shot to hot water or milk to preserve the full umami and delicate nuances of freshly ground leaves from becoming scorched and bitter.

How long does it take to make a drink?

It’s about two minutes for a single shot (Level 1), about three minutes for a 1.5 shot (Level 2), and four minutes for a double (Level 3).

Can I make freshly ground matcha powder, like without mixing it in water?

Yup, this is what grind-only mode is for. It produces 1.5 g of fresh matcha powder. First, place a dry whisking cup or other container on the platform. Push the STRENGTH button once, so one light’s on. Then push and hold the STRENGTH button until all three lights blink. Then push START. In a few minutes, you’ll have 1.5 g of fresh matcha powder ready to be whisked traditional style.

Please watch this video.

How do I clean the whisking cup?

The whisking cup doesn’t need a thorough soapy wash after every use. Simply rinse the whisking cup with warm or cold water, lightly use a soft sponge, then let dry. A thorough wash is needed after about a week’s daily use. Remove the magnetic whisk from the whisking cup, then wash with soap using a soft sponge, then reattach the magnetic whisk, and let dry. Do NOT put the whisking cup in the dishwasher. And do NOT clean the whisking cup with kitchen cleansers, steel wool pads, or other abrasive materials.

How long can I keep the leaves in the Matcha Maker before it loses its quality? 

Usually within a month or two at most. Thanks to the tea leaf hopper and less surface area than pre-ground powder, our matcha leaves lose their freshness slowly.

How often should I clean the ceramic mill?

With daily use, we recommend a normal cleaning every month or two.

You can give your mill a deep cleaning (with water) about every six months to a year—or on an as-needed basis if you notice powder building up between the plastic cover and the upper mill. Just remember to let the mill parts dry for at least 8 hours.

The videos below break down the cleaning process step-by-step.

The freshly ground matcha feels slightly coarser than what I get in matcha tins. Is this normal for the Matcha Maker?

We use the small ceramic mill to grind leaves into a fine powder with its average size of particle being 6.1 microns. Other matcha uses stone mill or larger commercial grinders to grind leaves into a fine powder, which is almost as fine as ours. Some people may feel that ours is slightly coarser and others may not.

My matcha powder isn’t as fine as it used to be, is this normal?

After using your Matcha Maker consistently for a few months the particle size can get a little bigger. To get your machine working like new you just need to clean the mill. With the surfaces of each mill clear, the matcha powder it produces will return to normal. Here’s how to clean it:

The foam seems very large bubbles that disappear quickly. Is this normal?

There are a couple factors that determine the quality of the foam. For example, temperature of water (hotter is better), whisking speed (faster is better), and the amount of matcha used (more is better). For example, an experienced tea master uses 1.5 g to 2 g of pre-ground fine matcha powder and whisks it by hand in hot water (i.e., traditional ceremony style), the foam is going to be very beautiful. At Cuzen Matcha, we prioritize both fresh taste (which requires freshly matcha and cold water infusion) and accessibility (everyone can make easily) and use 1 g per cup. Therefore, as you mentioned, our bubbles are larger than what an experienced tea master can make by whisking.

My single shot matcha seems weak (or strong). Why?

The amount of matcha powder produced varies a little bit machine by machine. This is due to minuscule differences that emerge as the ceramics of the lower mill initially bakes. Please go to this link for the details, but the amount produced for Level 1 is ranging from 0.6g to 1.3g. If you don’t like how your Matcha Maker prepares your matcha (maybe too strong or too weak), please email us at hi@cuzenmatcha.com and we’ll send two spare lower mills so you can try three (including the original) and decide which one you like best.

I use Matcha Maker for the first time and the matcha was weak. Is there any problem? 

The amount of matcha ground for the first time is fewer than usual as it takes 30~40 seconds for the first leaves to be ground into a fine powder. So, you taste it a bit weak. But after the second cups, that won’t happen again.

Shipping & Returns

What’s your return policy?

If you decide you do not want to keep your Matcha Maker Starter Kit, even if you have used it, you may return the machine to us within 30 days of the purchase. If the Starter Kit has not been used, you may return it for a refund minus a 10% stocking fee for orders from contiguous US. For orders from all other areas, including international orders, you may return it for a refund minus a 30% stocking fee. Import tax and duties will not be refunded.If the Starter Kit has been used, and we determine that it was not damaged or defective upon or since arrival (as governed by our exchange policy), you may return it within 30 days for a refund minus a 25% restocking fee for orders from contiguous US. For orders from all other areas, including international orders, you may return it for a refund minus a 50% stocking fee. Import tax and duties will not be refunded.The restocking fee covers our operating costs, including our credit card processing fees, two-way shipping and quality control checks of each machine upon return. Leaves and accessories are not eligible for return.

Be sure to read about the fees and conditions on our exchange and return policy page, and contact us at hi@cuzenmatcha.com.

What is your exchange policy?

If you receive a product that is damaged or defective, it may be exchanged for a replacement within 30 days of purchase. Matcha Makers with damage or defects may be exchanged even if used, but other products cannot be exchanged after use. If we determine that it is eligible for an exchange, we will cover the return shipping costs, as well as the delivery charges for the replacement item.

Be sure to read about the fees and conditions on our exchange and return policy page, and contact us at hi@cuzenmatcha.com.

What’s your shipping/international shipping policy for Matcha Maker and Leaf?

We offer free shipping for the Starter Kit within the contiguous US. Expedited shipping is available at the customer’s cost. For more information on leaf shipping and international shipping, please see our Shipping Policy.

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