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keith pasko
a friend's review

Just full disclosure that I am a friend of the company. However, I really enjoy my premium subscription. I drink quite a bit, and so get the 60g, which does end up having slight overlaps when a new delivery arrives, but generally works well for me and has the nice price discount. Whether "premium" is "better" I think that is hard to say and up to personal preference, I just enjoy it as it has a more rich savory character and a bit of a creamier texture. I'd definitely say try both out to see which suits your taste best!


Order as much Matcha Leaf as you need. Our Premium and Signature blends come in 20g and 60g packets, and are now available with subscriptions.

We carefully source our shade-grown organic leaves from an independent tea farm in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan.

Subscription Shipping Delay Notice

Due to Covid related delays, current shipment times for leaf subscriptions are about 7 days to the West Coast and 14 days for the East Coast. If you need your matcha sooner, we suggest moving up your recurring order date to an earlier time. Please visit our FAQ on how to change your subscription. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.


An entire 20g leaf packet can be poured into the Cuzen hopper and stored there for up to 2 months. The 60g leaf packet comes in a resealable pouch. 


Perfect for drinking straight.

20g $1.50 /cup ($1.28 for subscription)

60g $1.37 /cup ($1.16 for subscription)


Meant for mixing. In a latte, sparkling water,beer, white wine, and more.

20g $1.00 /cup ($0.85 for subscription)

60g $0.87 /cup ($0.74 for subscription)

Why Cuzen

1: certified Organic

Only a small percentage of Japanese tea farms are fully organic, those are the farms we source our shade-grown organic matcha leaves from. 

2: MADE for the matcha maker

The size, shape, and condition of our leaves is optimized to work with the compact ceramic mill inside our Cuzen Matcha Maker.

3: hard to come by

Matcha leaves (called tencha before they’re ground into powder) is usually traded exclusively between tea farmers and tea companies, and not available to a wider market.

Shipping and Returns

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    Alaska and Hawaii: Free shipping for orders over $101 ($4.99 for less than $101)
    Expedited shipping available.

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  • All sales are final. If anything arrives damaged or defective, email us within 30 days ( and we’ll send you a replacement.


Save 15% with A subscription

Premium: $1.28/cup (20 g), $1.16/cup (60 g)  Signature: $0.85/cup (20 g), $0.74/cup (60 g) 


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Matcha Leaf

Two different blends of matcha. Both from shade-grown organic harvests, each with their own flavor profiles.