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Organic Single Origin

Organic Single Origin

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Experienced tea drinkers will love comparing the subtle nuances of our three Kirishima teas, which currently include Asanoka, Tsuyuhikari and Okumidori. Each cultivar is a distinctive manifestation of the region’s terroir despite the common soil and climate.(Additionally, two teas from our first Single Origin Box Set are available.) See a comparison of cultivars below.

Each Single Origin Kirishima comes in a 20-gram canister. An entire 20-gram canister can be poured into the Cuzen hopper and stored there for up to two months. The Box Set comes in a beautiful kiri bako that can be repurposed for centerpieces, eating utensils, pencils or other items. The kiri bako is also food safe and pest resistant.


  • 20g canister: organic, Single Origin, Matcha Leaf 
  • Box set: three 20g canisters of organic, Single Origin, Kirishima Matcha Leaf (Asanoka, Tsuyuhikari, Okumidori) in a kiri bako


Kiri bako

The Single Origin Box Set is packed into an elegant kiri bako, a nail-free box made from paulownia wood. Kiri bako is traditionally-designed, durable and known for keeping out moisture and pests, making it popular for food storage or keepsakes.


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  • Asanoka, Kirishima

    Refreshing, light-bodied, floral

    Asanoka tea leaves favor the abundant sunlight of Kirishima’s mountainous region and teem with amino acids responsible for refreshing, umami notes. The tea’s bright acidity can be likened to tart cherries, but the sharpness is balanced with a light-bodied mouthfeel.

  • Tsuyuhikari, Kirishima

    Refined, nutty, mellow

    Tsuyuhikari is rare outside of Kirishima and has refined, sweet umami notes marked with nutty flavors. A sip of this tea begins with a toasted rice fragrance, followed by mild astringency that lingers on the palate and invites another sip.

  • Okumidori, Kirishima

    Sweet, umami-laden, vibrant

    Okumidori tea leaves are known for their vibrant emerald green hue and umami-laden flavor. Kirishima’s climate and volcano-fed soil are infused in this cultivar, resulting in a creamy sweetness reminiscent of fudge and a deep, vegetal aroma.

  • Okumidori, Shizuoka

    Sweet, mellow, toasted fragrance

    A sophisticated tea from high-altitude farmland. Negative ions from river fog and surrounding swamp areas allow plants to grow quickly, despite the shortage of sun exposure. The soil is full of stones, but nutrient-rich, making it fertile for cultivation. A sip of this tea begins with a toasted rice fragrance, followed by the crisp, clean notes of cool mountain fog.

  • Okumidori, Uji

    Roasted fragrance, long and slightly bitter finish

    In a beautiful, mineral-rich basin surrounded by mountains, there is a centuries-old tradition of tea-growing and processing. This Okumidori comes from an Uji style of steaming tea leaves and is fragrant with a long finish and a hint of bitterness.

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A map of Japan, with three locations highlighted with correlating photos from Kyoto, Shizuoka and Kirishima.

Where our teas are grown

  • 1. Uji, the birthplace of matcha, boasts several hundred years of tea culture, which first began flourishing in the Muromachi era. Matcha grown in Uji is known for its signature aroma.This birthplace of matcha boasts several hundred years of tea culture, which first began flourishing in the Muromachi era. Matcha grown in Uji is known for its signature aroma.

  • 2. Shizuoka is one of the most popular tea areas in Japan, producing roughly half of Japan's tea, primarily on small farms. The tea produced here has refreshing, clean notes.

  • 3. Kirishima is where we source most of our Cuzen Matcha Leaves. The region is an up-and-coming area for matcha, specializing in organic farming methods, which are supported by plentiful rainfall and rich soil.

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  • A smiling farmer stands between rows of bright green tea plants, his hand gently brushing the top of a plant.

    Certified organic

    Only a small percentage of Japanese tea farms are fully organic. Those are the farms we source our shade-grown, whole matcha leaves from. This is crucial because when you drink matcha, you are consuming the entire leaf along with all its available nutrients.

  • A saucerful of bright and deep green matcha leaves, with a bamboo scoop resting on top.

    Made for the Cuzen Matcha Maker

    The size, shape and fully-roasted condition of our leaves are optimized to work with the compact ceramic mill inside our Cuzen Matcha Maker.

  • Singular access

    Typically, tea farmers only sell whole matcha leaves to tea companies, who in turn only offer pre-ground matcha to customers. We deliver our whole leaves directly to Cuzenists, in a state where oxidation is minimized.

  • A bright green matcha latte in a white cup and saucer, next to a packet of Cuzen Latte Blend Matcha Leaf.

    A quality, fresh cup at home

    Convenient, delicious and easy on the wallet, our matcha costs about one dollar per shot, so the initial investment is covered very quickly.

  • A close photo of the dark, rich soil between two rows of tea plants.

    A nurturing practice

    We’re proud to work with Japanese tea farmers dedicated to high-quality organic tea production. Organic tea farmers not only yield a more nutritious and flavorful leaf, they also take care of our shared planet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Steven Greene (Raleigh, US)
Single origin

The single origin set is amazing . From the detailed packaging to the amazing selections of whole leaf matcha. They are all exceptional

Giancarlo Bruni (Los Angeles, US)
A new healthy ritual

I’m very happy with the products that Cuzen Matcha provides, and I recommend this to anyone who wants to have fresh matcha made with no hassle and has the means to buy this machine. I got into matcha because this tea is one of the few foods with very few calories that has actual clinical evidence that matcha's consumption can lower cholesterol. I ran into this machine because of one of their popups outside of Japantown Sawtelle in LA, and thought it one of the most beautiful appliances I’d ever seen. Turns out the matcha it produces is excellent to boot too, delicious, and very fresh.

Saltanat (Houston, US)

It is a great product with wonderful flavor of matcha!
Delicious and very easy to make 😀

Shawna Heninger (Windermere, US)
The best matcha I have EVER had. So much better than the powder.

I never would have thought I could love matcha but kept drinking it because of the health benefits. I tried every kind of ground matcha and they were just not good no matter how much money I spent on the powder.

But grinding it fresh with their high quality leaves has changed my opinion towards matcha. It is much smoother and I feel like I get more health benefits because it is freshly ground. I absolutely LOVE it!

Lubomira Scherschun (Biskupiec, PL)

Very high quality and super fresh. I love the taste and look forward to my daily drink!