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Authentic Japanese matcha for modern life

Distilling centuries of tea preparation into an elegant machine designed for today’s rituals. 

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Cuzen’s CEO Eijiro stands in between rows of tea plants, plucking a leaf while talking to the farmer.

The story of Cuzen

Our story begins with a question: How can we make freshly-ground matcha preparation accessible to everyone?

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  • A row of Cuzen's whole leaf matcha blend packets in the 20- and 60-ounce options.

    Three blends with many ways to enjoy

    Our tea blends embody flavor profiles for different tastes and uses: Premium has a traditional nuance ideal for a straight matcha, Signature is full-bodied for mixed drinks and recipes and Latte Blend is robust enough for a creamy milk.

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  • A chart illustrating that freshly-ground matcha has a significantly larger quantity of ORAC antioxidants than pre-ground matcha.

    Why freshly ground matters

    Matcha leaves hold their freshness, flavor and nutrients longer than pre-ground matcha powder. Even after two months, matcha leaves maintain a higher level of antioxidants than matcha powder.

    Why freshly ground 
  • A ladybug sits on a tencha leaf at the Kagoshima tea farm.

    The best matcha powder starts with the best leaves

    Our shade-grown organic tencha leaves are sustainably farmed from small family operations in the traditional tea-growing regions of Japan.

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  • Award logos and organic logos that Cuzen has won or has been certified for.

    Widely-acclaimed design

    Our award-winning technology was designed for our organic, whole tea leaves.

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The fresh matcha palate 

Freshly-ground matcha adds depth to any recipe. Visit our growing collection.

Two colorful glasses of coconut matcha latte overnight oats, topped with yogurt, coconut, matcha and mango.
Bird’s eye view of a bubbly bright jade iced sparkling matcha.
A deep green matcha americano in focus and a Cuzen Matcha Maker and second matcha americano nearby.

SingleThread’s internationally-renowned Chef Kyle Connaughton collaborated with Cuzen to deliver original recipes using freshly-ground matcha.

  • SingleThread's Chef Kyle Connaughton forms an matcha onigiri in his kitchen, donabe vessels lining the back wall.
  • A halved matcha scone, bright green on the inside, sits inside a woven basket.
  • A vivid strawberry matcha latte beautifully displayed in a tiered glass, by SingleThread.
  • A bright green shot of matcha is drizzled over a scoop of vanilla ice cream with almond praline crumbled over the top.