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Authentic Japanese matcha for modern life

Distilling centuries of tea preparation into an elegant machine designed for today’s rituals. 

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The story of Cuzen

Our story begins with a question: How can we make freshly-ground matcha preparation accessible to everyone?

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  • Three blends with many ways to enjoy

    Our tea blends embody flavor profiles for different tastes and uses: Premium has a traditional nuance ideal for a straight matcha, Signature is full-bodied for mixed drinks and recipes and Latte Blend is robust enough for a creamy milk.

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  • Why freshly ground matters

    Matcha leaves hold their freshness, flavor and nutrients longer than pre-ground matcha powder. Even after two months, matcha leaves maintain a higher level of antioxidants than matcha powder.

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  • The best matcha powder starts with the best leaves

    Our shade-grown organic tencha leaves are sustainably farmed from small family operations in the traditional tea-growing regions of Japan.

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  • Widely-acclaimed design

    Our award-winning technology was designed for our organic, whole tea leaves.

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The fresh matcha palate 

Freshly-ground matcha adds depth to any recipe. Visit our growing collection.

SingleThread’s internationally-renowned Chef Kyle Connaughton collaborated with Cuzen to deliver original recipes using freshly-ground matcha.