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For connoisseurs who appreciate the ritual of tea. Single-origin Okumidori has a subtle yet rich palette of color, tastes and aroma. The leaf is cultivated in the Kirishima region of Kagoshima prefecture, known for volcano-fed soil and mountains draped in fog. The leaf makes for a vivid jade green tea, with first notes reminiscent of the ocean, layered over a fresh grassy background and ending with a hint of smooth umami sweetness. This is an artful tea; the journey will make you smile.

(Note that Okumidori comes in whole leaf form and must be ground into powder, using Cuzen’s Matcha Maker.)

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The Finest Tea Leaves from Fog Island

Kirishima in Kagoshima, Japan
Kirishima in Kagoshima, Japan

Our leaves are sourced in the Kirishima area (literally “fog island”) of Kagoshima prefecture, a terrific natural environment for tea growth. The region's high altitude means fewer insects can live there. There is usually a good amount of moisture in the air and plenty of sun, which encourages healthy leaves.

A map of Japan showing Kagoshima prefecture.
A tea farmer checking the quality of the matcha tea leaves.

We’re proud to work with Japanese tea farmers dedicated to high-quality organic tea production. They’re one of the small number of Japanese tea farms that are fully organic.

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20g organic, single-origin whole tencha leaf

Why Cuzen TEA

1: Certified Organic
Only a small percentage of Japanese tea farms are fully organic; those are the farms we source our shade-grown tencha leaves from. (Tencha is the name of the tea leaves that are ground to make matcha powder.)   

2:  Made for the Cuzen Matcha Maker

The size, shape, and fully-roasted condition of our leaves is optimized to work with the compact ceramic mill inside our Cuzen Matcha Maker.

3: Singular Access
Tencha leaves are usually traded exclusively between tea farmers and tea companies, and not available to a wider market.

Profiles At a Glance: Okumidori Single Origin vs.Premium Blend

Like all of our teas, Okumidori has its own unique attributes, offering a rich tea-drinking experience. We compare it to our Premium blend in order to highlight what makes it special. 

Organic single origin matcha leaf can, Okumidori


Single origin. Subtle, three-dimensional, umami-sweet, lasting finish.
Matcha leaf packet premium


Blended. Delicate, smooth, mellow, umami-rich.



Sakimidori, Okumidori, Tsuyuhikari, Asanoka, Okuyutaka


Refined and three-dimensional








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