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Matcha Maker Gift Starter Kit

Matcha Maker Gift Starter Kit

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We are offering the Matcha Maker Kit with a few thoughtful additions perfect for gifting, including:

  1.  4g sample of each or 20g upgrade combo of: Premium, Signature and Latte Blend Matcha Leaf 
  2. A reusable furoshiki gift wrap (100% organic cotton)
  3. A personal note from you to the receiver
  4. Optional: a box set of 3 Single Origin 20g canisters in a kiri bako
  5. Optional: a set of two Perfect Matcha Latte Cups, a set of two Perfect Matcha Latte Glasses or a set of two Daily Matcha Bowls 


  • Matcha Maker / Height: 13.4" Width: 8.7" Depth: 4.7" Weight: 4.6 lb
  • Furoshiki Wrap / 51.2" x  51.2"
  • Perfect Matcha Latte Cups / 3” x 3”, 8 fl.oz  
  • Perfect Matcha Latte Glasses / 4.5" x 3.5", 12.5 fl. oz
  • Daily Matcha Bowls / 3” x 3.7”, 13.5 fl. oz


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Furoshiki is a square fabric used for a variety of purposes including gift-wrapping, fashion and bento-toting. The word translates to “bath spread” because bath house visitors in the Nara period wrapped their kimonos in pieces of cloth. The folded cloth doubles as an additional gift, while providing a beautiful, zero-waste presentation.

  • Repurposing in mind

    Furoshiki can be used again and again. Our furoshiki is 100% organic, making it fully sustainable from farm to future reuse.

    Learn how to fold gift wrap with furoshiki.

  • Fold it small

    Furoshiki is as convenient as it is useful. It can be folded up into a compact, wallet-sized rectangle and stored almost anywhere.

    Learn how to fold it even smaller.

  • Turn it into a grocery bag

    When properly tied, the furoshiki is sturdy and spacious. It’s perfect to use for groceries, since it can easily be stored in the car and washed when necessary.

    Learn how to fold a grocery bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Alan S (Chicago, US)
Amazing Machine!

I have owned and used the Cuzen Matcha Maker for at least 2+ years and I absolutely love it. It is consistent and makes amazing matcha drinks. It offers a quick and healthy way to get long lasting energy. 100% would recommend to any matcha lover.

Daniel Pendleton (San Francisco, US)
Best matcha

I bought the Cuzen for my girlfriend’s birthday after trying it at Single Thread. I didn’t make a lot of matcha or drink a lot of it because it was, for the most part, pretty mediocre. The quality of matcha and the ease of producing using the Cuzen now means that we drink a lot of matcha and I’m blown away that this machine didn’t exist earlier. Water temperature matters, but otherwise the rest is so easy and delicious.

Bill Thompson (Azusa, US)

Matcha Maker Starter Kit

kari phillips (Los Gatos, US)
I just love it!!

I received my first CUZEN as a gift and have purchased 2 more since then.
I saw the machine demonstrated at Cal-a-Vie Spa in Vista, CA and find the matcha superior in taste to others.

Brian Johnson (Newfields, US)
Brings ritual to my weekday matcha

My wife and I are avid matcha drinkers. We enjoy the ritual of making the traditional method with whisk and bowl when we have the time, but the morning rush of the weekday makes that ritual a hassle. With Cuzen we now have a morning ritual for our weekday morning if our matcha latte prep, it’s awesome to look forward to. The quality of the tea is great (and we went through a 6 brand blind taste test during Covid to decide on our favorite ceremonial matcha) and this was our biggest concern in not being able to taste the tea prior to purchasing.
Highly recommend for those who want great matcha and a great experience.
Thank you, Cuzen!