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Matcha Maker Gift Starter Kit

Matcha Maker Gift Starter Kit

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The Matcha Maker Gift Kit comes with a Japanese furoshiki gift cloth, a choice of Matcha Leaf samples or a combination of Matcha Leaf packets, “A guide to your matcha moment” booklet, and an optional personalized note from the giver. Add-ons are available, including selections from our artisanal tableware collection and a Box Set of Single Origin tea.



    • Matcha Maker H: 13.4" W: 8.7" D: 4.7" W: 4.6 lb
    • Furoshiki wrap L: 51.2" W: 51.2"
    • Matcha Shot Glass H: 2.8" Dia: 2.4" V: 4 fl. oz.
    • Saucer H: 0.7" Dia: 3.5"
    • Daily Matcha Bowl H: 3" Dia: 3.7" V: 13.5 fl. oz.
    • Perfect Matcha Latte Cup H: 3" Dia: 3" V: 8 fl. oz.
    • Perfect Matcha Latte Glass H: 4.5" Dia 3.5" V: 12.5 fl. oz.


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    Furoshiki is a square fabric used for a variety of purposes including gift-wrapping, fashion and bento-toting. The word translates to “bath spread” because bath house visitors in the Nara period wrapped their kimonos in pieces of cloth. The folded cloth doubles as an additional gift, while providing a beautiful, zero-waste presentation.

    • A gift-giver ties the kelp and white-colored furoshiki around the Matcha Maker in a traditional wrapping style.

      Repurposing in mind

      Furoshiki can be used again and again. Our furoshiki is 100% organic, making it fully sustainable from farm to future reuse.

      Learn how to fold gift wrap with furoshiki.

    • The furoshiki, folded tightly into a neat square, is among the contents of a large purse spread out on a table.

      Fold it small

      Furoshiki is as convenient as it is useful. It can be folded up into a compact, wallet-sized rectangle and stored almost anywhere.

      Learn how to fold it even smaller.

    • A person carries a baguette and fresh flowers in the furoshiki, which has been tied into a shopping bag.

      Turn it into a grocery bag

      When properly tied, the furoshiki is sturdy and spacious. It’s perfect to use for groceries, since it can easily be stored in the car and washed when necessary.

      Learn how to fold a grocery bag.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 85 reviews
    Lara Olsha (Phoenix, US)
    Blown away

    The ease and quality of the matcha is unsurpassed.

    Frank Verdugo
    My Family Loves It!

    I ordered this as a Christmas present for my wife. She and my kids love the machine and the freshness of the matcha!

    Salt Lake (Salt Lake City, US)
    So easy, so beautiful

    Love my Cuzen Matcha! It’s so easy to make fresh Matcha each day. Love the aesthetics of the machine as well. It is my best purchase in a long time.

    Reese Price (Houston, US)
    Great Gift!

    Got it for my wife for the holidays, 10 out of 10!

    Mark Switzer (Charlotte, US)

    Matcha Maker Gift Starter Kit