A fresh cup of matcha at the push of a button.

We’ve distilled centuries of tea preparation into an elegantly designed machine fit for the modern world. So you can make your matcha whenever you like.


Cuzen Matcha maker | Tea leaf hopper

Tea leaf hopper

Aluminum chamber prevents oxidation of matcha leaves 

Holds leaves for up to 20 matcha drinks

Reduces single-use plastic waste

Cuzen Matcha maker | Ceramic Mill

Ceramic mill

Strong material, compact design 

Grinds tea leaves into fine powder like a traditional stone mill

Particle size on average 6.1 μm

Controls release of ground matcha for ideal whisking

Cuzen Matcha maker | Magnetic whisk

Magnetic whisk

Rotates at high speed to mimic traditional whisking

Synchronized with ceramic mill for a perfect frothy cup

Eliminates mess from whisking by hand

What it makes

A shot of fresh matcha

Great in any matcha drink you can dream up. Here are recipes for some of our favorites.

Level 1 : 1 g matcha in 2 oz water
Level 2 : 1.5g matcha in 2 oz water
Level 3 : 2g matcha in 2 oz water

Freshly ground matcha powder

For baking or when you want to whisk your matcha the traditional way.

One fixed level : Approx.1.5g

The amount of matcha powder produced varies a little per machine. This is due to minuscule differences as each part of the ceramic mill bakes. Here’s more info if you’re interested.

Using the Matcha Maker

Tech specs


H: 13.4” (34 cm) W: 8.7” (22 cm) D: 4.7” (12 cm)


4.6 lb (2.1 kg)


Voltage: AC 120 V, 60 Hz
Watts: 40 W

Ceramic mill

Particle Size: on average 6.1 μm

Grinding Speed: 0.5 g / min
Rotation: 100 rpm
Powder Amount: Level 1=1g, Level 2=1.5g, Level 3=2g 

Our machines produce fine matcha powder with minor fluctuations in how much each makes. See the numbers yourself.

Magnetic whisk

Cup Capacity: 2oz (60ml)
Rotation: 500 rpm