A fresh cup of matcha at the push of a button.

We’ve distilled centuries of tea preparation into an elegantly designed machine fit for the modern world. So you can make your matcha whenever you like.
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Cuzen Matcha maker | Tea leaf hopper

Tea leaf hopper

Aluminum chamber prevents oxidation of matcha leaves 

Holds leaves for up to 20 matcha drinks

Reduces single-use plastic waste

Cuzen Matcha maker | Ceramic Mill

Ceramic mill

Strong material, compact design 

Grinds tea leaves into fine powder like a traditional stone mill

Particle size on average 6.1 μm

Controls release of ground matcha for ideal whisking

Cuzen Matcha maker | Magnetic whisk

Magnetic whisk

Rotates at high speed to mimic traditional whisking

Synchronized with ceramic mill for a perfect frothy cup

Eliminates mess from whisking by hand

What it makes

A shot of fresh matcha

Great in any matcha drink you can dream up. Here are recipes for some of our favorites.

Level 1 : 1 g matcha in 2 oz water
Level 2 : 1.5g matcha in 2 oz water
Level 3 : 2g matcha in 2 oz water

Freshly ground matcha powder

For baking or when you want to whisk your matcha the traditional way.

One fixed level : Approx.1.5g

The amount of matcha powder produced varies a little per machine. This is due to minuscule differences as each part of the ceramic mill bakes. Here’s more info if you’re interested.

Using the Matcha Maker

Tech specs

Matcha Maker tech specs


H: 13.4” (34 cm) W: 8.7” (22 cm) D: 4.7” (12 cm)


4.6 lb (2.1 kg)


Voltage: AC 120 V, 60 Hz
Watts: 40 W

Ceramic mill

Particle Size: on average 6.1 μm

Grinding Speed: 0.5 g / min
Rotation: 100 rpm
Powder Amount: Level 1=1g, Level 2=1.5g, Level 3=2g 

Our machines produce fine matcha powder with minor fluctuations in how much each makes. See the numbers yourself.

Magnetic whisk

Cup Capacity: 2oz (60ml)
Rotation: 500 rpm