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Matcha Maker

Matcha maker on kitchen countertop

Cuzen Matcha is an everyday drink solution for offices and the home.

The Matcha Maker makes fresh "Matcha-presso" from matcha leaves, much like an espresso machine makes a shot of espresso out of coffee beans.  


Matcha maker | Tea Leaf Canister

Tea Leaf Canister

Aluminum storage unit that prevents 

oxidation of leaves 

Holds up to 20 matcha drinks

Reduces single-use plastic waste

Matcha maker | Ceramic Mill

Ceramic Mill

Strong, compact ceramic mill 

Grinds tea leaves into fine powder like traditional stone mill

Particle size under 20μm

Slowly releases ground matcha for whisking

Matcha maker | Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrer

Rotates water-filled cup to replicate traditional whisking

Synchronized with ceramic mill to match selected strength level

Eliminates mess from whisking by hand

Making Cuzen Matcha

Fresh matcha espresso

For straight matcha

The freshly-ground matcha and cold water extraction preserves the aroma, producing a smooth and umami-rich Matcha-presso.

Premium Matcha Leaf recommended

Matcha Latte

For matcha latte

Pour a double or triple shot of your Matcha-presso into 6 oz of your favorite milk - steamed or cold.

Signature Matcha Leaf recommended

Matcha Sparklers

For matcha sparklers

Pour the Matcha-presso into sparkling water or soda for a refreshing drink. Add fresh citrus to brighten it up!

Signature Matcha Leaf recommended

And More

Enjoy your Matcha-presso in beer, white wine, a cocktail, or any other favorite beverage.