Perfect Matcha Latte Cup (Set of two)

Cuzen x Humble Ceramics  |  Limited supply 


Like Cuzen, matcha lattes are a new twist on an old tea tradition. As it has been done for hundreds of years, Cuzen grinds the most prized and tender tea leaves and then whisks them into a fresh and verdant powder, ready to be consumed. 

Humble Ceramics joins us in a new take on the old ways. Woman-owned and Los Angeles-based, they hand press each artisanal mug in the Japanese wabi-sabi style—a perfect vessel for our latte blend and your choice of milk. 

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Make a Perfect Matcha Latte

Since matcha is far smoother than brewed beverages, less milk is needed to temper the bitterness. One tumbler holds eight ounces, the perfect capacity for our suggested ratio of six ounces milk to a two-ounce matcha shot. Hot or cold, with or without sweetener, you will have a rich, healthful and wholly satisfying beverage.

Matcha latte in a ceramic cup.
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Servings: 1

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Active time: 5 minutes

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Signature or Latte Blend: 1 shot

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Level: 2 or 3

  • 6 fl oz milk of choice (hot or cold)
  • sweetener (optional)

  1. Pour the fresh matcha shot into a cup.
  2. Add steamed milk.
  3. Sweeten to taste.

Note: Using hot water in the whisking cup can send steam up the nozzle and clog the mill. We recommend using room temperature or cold water for whisking.

Can I use hot water in the whisking cup? 

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Field
If you like Matcha ...

Cuzen Matcha combines the best of small company customer service with an excellent product.


  • Grey stone / snow white latte cup x 1
  • Grey stone / Danish pine latte cup x 1

Origin: Los Angeles

Size: 3” x 3”, 8 fl oz 

Dishwasher safe. Not microwave safe.


Humble Ceramics espouses the idea that, “Great design is about simplicity so that life may shine around it.” Humble Ceramics was born in the summer of 2010, and from the beginning, its creator Delphine Lippens has centered not only simplicity, but natural imperfection, discreet beauty, clean lines and well-defined boundaries as its core aesthetic. This artisanal pottery, made in South Los Angeles, is neither this NOR that but rather this AND that, embracing polarity and the beauty of opposites.

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