Matcha Maker Starter Kit

The Matcha Maker Starter Kit comes with everything you need to make authentic matcha at home. The machine is designed to store, grind and whisk our organic leaves for the highest-quality matcha. We include three, 4 gram-packets of our Matcha Leaf Blends so you can sample each one before subscribing or purchasing more. We also send a booklet with operating instructions, tips, farm information and recipes to get you started on a daily ritual of freshly-ground matcha. 

“Freshly-ground” means the finest characteristics of the tea are retained longer than they would be in pre-ground matcha powder, much like coffee beans stay fresh longer than pre-ground coffee. Using the Matcha Maker easily ensures you’re getting the best available matcha for your latte or other matcha recipe.

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How to make fresh matcha

Pouring a leaf packet into the hopper.
Step 1 

Pour entire leaf packet into the hopper.

Step 2 

Fill whisking cup to water line and lock in place.

Selecting matcha strength
Step 3

Select matcha strength and press START.

Level 1 : 1 g matcha in 2 fl oz water

Level 2 : 1.5 g matcha in 2 fl oz water

Level 3 : 2 g matcha in 2 fl oz water

1 gram=¼ tsp

2 fl oz=¼ cup

Making freshly ground matcha
Step 4 

The beep signals your shot is ready.

Making freshly ground matcha
Step 5 

Make your favorite matcha drinks and enjoy.

Cleanup is simple, too. 

Easily rinse both the cup and whisk.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Nozomi Ogihara

I love Cuzen Matcha very much. Since I got it I drink matcha everyday. It's such a stylish design and easy to use. It's like espresso shot. I send as a gift to my dear friends too. They love it. I really like the organic tea leaves from selected Japanese tea farm as well. Thanks for the great invention!!!

Thomas Bills

We love our matcha machine!! It has completely gotten rid of the need to go to coffee shops. Love it!

Kim D
Best cup of Matcha ever

Hello fellow matcha lovers and non-matcha lovers alike!
I say non-matcha lovers, because… truth be told, you probably just haven’t had a fine quality, fresh ground cup. I say this because my husband has turned from a matcha is bitter and unpalatable guy to a lover of Cuzen matcha tea. I have a tendency to think that most people like him just need to experience a fresh cup (made with such ease)! No more whisking and laboring- the Cuzen makes does it for you. I highly recommend this to all! My first sample was at a wellness expo in Austin and I obsessed a little over it until about 2 weeks later when I realized I was already hooked and just needed to get one in my house and pronto!

Slick, Stylish. It's the Matcha Machine Disruptor

If you want to elevate your kitchen, tea bar, office then the Cuzen Matcha is the way to go. It's functional, it's stylish, contemporary (it's a piece of art work the design and really it should be displayed at the Moma) because Cuzen Matcha have revoluntionalized how matcha tea can be prepared, its lovely to be able to grind fresh matcha with the touch of a button. I feel this small appliance will become a strong contender next to what the Nepresso machine is like and be in almost every person's home. I highly recommend investing in this machine if you are leaning towards a healthy lifestyle. Once again the office team at Hubpod School is enjoying this device.

Jane Doe

This machine is so wonderful, it’s such a convenient way to get my matcha and spend my time prepping either the hot water or latte components, I drink matcha way more often now, it’s feels more convenient than the times I’ve whisked it myself and way more fresh. I cant recommend this machine enough


  • Matcha Maker
  • 1 x Premium Matcha Leaf (4g)
  • 1 x Signature Matcha Leaf (4g)
  • 1 x Latte Matcha Leaf (4g)
  • “A guide to your matcha moment” booklet


Height: 13.4" Width: 8.7" Depth: 4.7" Weight: 4.6 lb


Three blends, three different experiences


  • 100% spring harvest
  • Delicate, smooth, umami-rich
  • Best experienced straight


  • Spring and summer harvest
  • Fuller-bodied, balanced
  • Perfect for mixing 

Latte Blend

  • Spring and summer harvest
  • Bright and robust
  • Ideal for lattes and mixers

Matcha Leaf packets (Premium, Signature, Latte Blend)

Subscribe and save more 

Save 15% on your tea leaves when you subscribe. The cost of your favorite matcha drink could be as low as $0.58 per cup, making Cuzen cheaper than a cafe with a far superior quality matcha. We also offer a $10 welcome discount for your first order.

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