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The matcha bowl has always been made with both functional and aesthetic simplicity in mind. For this reason, bringing the matcha bowl down from the top cabinet and into daily life –the vision of potters at Japan-based Nankei Pottery– is as inviting and organic as the clay they mix for the bowls. 

The minerals in the clay result in a soft black or subtle sand tone, the perfect backgrounds for the vivid jade of well-selected matcha. Our Daily Matcha Bowl set comes with one of each beautiful color. With use, these colors mature over time, making the bowl a living piece of art. The ceramic surface is matte and the lines are clean. A subtle curve cleverly lifts the bowl off the table, at the foot. The natural texture and curve inside the bowl facilitates an ideal vessel for whisking a smooth matcha froth.

The Daily Matcha Bowl is also versatile. It is perfect for your favorite morning matcha cup, for a special occasion with a guest or an after-meal scoop of ice cream.

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  • Black/ Unglazed, ceramic matcha bowl x1
  • Sand/ Unglazed, ceramic matcha bowl x1

Origin: Japan

Size: 3” x 3.7”, 13.5 fl oz 

Microwave safe. Hand washing recommended.

Do not use steel scrubbers or unnatural/abrasive cleansers. The unique clay makes the bowls prone to oil stains. In case of oil stains, we suggest using a mild cleanser and a cleaning brush. Sometimes there are organic variations in the clay color. The black clay can have brown variations and the sand bowl can have orange variations.


Nankei Pottery is a small operation located in Yokkaichi in Mie Prefecture. It started in 1913 as a clay seller, but evolved into a pottery studio within the last 50 years. Nowadays, the pieces are designed in banko-yaki style, a technique originating in the Edo Period. Harkening back to the company roots, the Nankei potters blend their own clay, allowing them to control the precise characteristics needed for their unique style.

About banko-yaki

Our Daily Matcha Bowl set is made in banko-yaki style, an aesthetic famously invented in the Mie Prefecture by Edo-era potter, Rozan Nunami. The story goes that Nunami stamped “banko fueki,” translated as “unchanging” or “eternal,” on his pottery, in a self-fulfilling prophecy that his pieces would be handed down through generations. His pieces were marked by their foreign style and innovative patterns and shapes. Many banko variations have flourished since and both the tradition and pieces have certainly been passed down. A famous variety of banko ware is the signature angular teapot made with a wooden mold.

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I have been looking for the perfect matcha bowl for years actually. Once I saw these and did research into both Cuzen and Nankei pottery I knew they were a must! They are even more beautiful in person and the feel of them feels so good in your hand. They feel so soft yet raw since they are unglazed to promote the matcha. It’s a splurge but I believe due to the values of the companies involved they are completely worth it and will make you happy!!

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