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Organic Matcha Leaf packets

Organic Matcha Leaf packets

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We carefully source the healthiest, most nutritious and flavorful leaves. For that reason, we partner with organic tea farmers in Kagoshima, Japan. They are committed to farming processes without chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides, ensuring that you enjoy the real taste of matcha, unadulterated by fillers and additives.

The Premium Blend was created to be sophisticated and straightforward for the straight drink; the Signature Blend was composed to be versatile for both straight and mixed drinks; the Latte Blend was designed to complement the creaminess of a milk.


Organic matcha leaves

Our matcha has no additives or sweeteners—only certified organic tea leaves.


Kagoshima, Japan

What is matcha?

Matcha powder is made from tencha, a green tea leaf that is shade-grown for around three weeks. The leaves are steamed and dried after harvest and are not rolled like other tea leaves. The stems are also removed.

Why shading?

Shading is a crucial step in matcha production. The limited exposure to sunlight allows the plant to maintain higher levels of L-theanine, which are responsible for the tea's savory, brothy flavor (umami). Shading also increases chlorophyll in the leaves because photosynthesis intensifies as sunlight is reduced. This results in more vibrant and green tea leaves.


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What should I order?

If I drink…

Straight matcha (level 1) /  Everyday -> 60g Premium or Signature Blend every 2 months

Matcha Latte (level 3) /  Everyday  -> 60g Latte Blend once a month

Home of Cuzen Matcha Leaves

Why freshly ground

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  • A 4-gram sample packet of Premium Blend Matcha next to a saucerful of deep green matcha leaves.


    Best experienced straight

    First spring harvest

    Smooth & umami-rich

    Umami ●●●●●

    Bitterness ●

    Vibrancy of color ●●●●●

    Price per single shot
    20g / $1.50 ($1.28)
    60g / $1.37 ($1.16)
    300g / $1.28 ($1.09)
  • A 4-gram sample packet of Signature Blend Matcha next to a saucerful of deep green matcha leaves.


    Perfect for mixing and straight

    Spring & summer

    Balanced & full-bodied

    Umami ●●●

    Bitterness ●●●

    Vibrancy of color ●●●

    Price per single shot
    20g / $1.00 ($0.85)
    60g / $0.87 ($0.74)
    300g / $0.78 ($0.67)
  • A 4-gram sample packet of Latte Blend Matcha next to a saucerful of deep green matcha leaves.

    Latte Blend

    Ideal for lattes

    Spring & summer

    Bright & robust

    Umami ●●

    Bitterness ●●●●●

    Vibrancy of color ●●

    Price per single shot
    20g / $0.85 ($0.72)
    60g / $0.73 ($0.62)
    300g / $0.68 ($0.58)
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(Subscription is 15% off regular price.)

  • Cuzen’s three standard Matcha Leaf Blends in 20-gram packets, next to a saucerful of deep green, whole matcha leaves.

    20-gram leaf packet

    Just the right size to fill up the tea hopper, where tencha can be stored for up to two months before grinding. Makes up to 20 shots per packet.

  • Cuzen’s three standard Matcha Leaf Blends in 60-gram packets, next to a saucerful of deep green, whole matcha leaves.

    60-gram leaf packet

    Resealable packet for storage, plus you get a slight per-cup discount. Makes up to 60 shots per packet.

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Subscribe and save 15% on your leaf

You can edit, pause, skip and manage upcoming orders. There is no minimum duration. Additionally, the cost of your favorite matcha drink could be less than one dollar per shot.

  • A smiling farmer stands between rows of bright green tea plants, his hand gently brushing the top of a plant.

    Certified organic

    Only a small percentage of Japanese tea farms are fully organic. We make sure to source our shade-grown, whole matcha leaves from organic farmers,  because we know that when you drink matcha, you are consuming the entire leaf.

  • Made for the Cuzen Matcha Maker

    The size, shape and fully-roasted condition of our leaves are optimized to work with the compact ceramic mill inside our Cuzen Matcha Maker.

  • A saucerful of bright and deep green matcha leaves, with a bamboo scoop resting on top.

    Limited access

    Typically, tea farmers only sell whole matcha leaves to tea companies, who in turn only offer pre-ground matcha to customers. We deliver our whole leaves directly to Cuzenists, in a state where oxidation is minimized, and health benefits can be optimized.

  • A close photo of the dark, rich soil between two rows of tea plants.

    A nurturing practice

    We’re proud to work with farming partners who use only natural pest deterrents and organic fertilizers. They not only yield a more nutritious and flavorful leaf, they also take care of our shared planet.

  • A bright green matcha latte in a white cup and saucer, next to a packet of Cuzen Latte Blend Matcha Leaf.

    A quality, fresh cup at home

    Convenient, delicious and easy on the wallet, our matcha costs about one dollar per shot, so the initial investment is covered very quickly.

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Grown in a special place

The farms, located in the Kirishima area (literally “fog island”) of Kagoshima prefecture, are terrific natural environments for tea growth. The high altitude means fewer insects can live there, plus there’s usually a good amount of moisture in the air and plenty of sun, which help to produce healthy leaves.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Christa Slessor (Phoenix, US)
Top notch convenience, freshness and ease

I love my Cuzen Matcha maker. My nine-year-old son makes it for me all the time because of the ease of use. You can tell it’s fresh because you’re grinding fresh leaves and the taste is delicious. I highly recommend buying one for yourself.

Vinny Meno (San Francisco, US)
Best of the best

Matcha is high quality! Premium tastes amazing. Buy this.

Elle R. (Campbell, US)
Healthy & Delicious habit

I've been a Cuzen matcha fan since my introduction to it at a California spa, and now have a Cuzen Matcha maker at home, so enjoy the benefits of freshly ground matcha daily. I've tried each Cuzen matcha leaf style and enjoy them all; however, my favorite is the premium style for its depth and smoothness of flavor. Cuzen has become a healthy and delicious habit.

Brian Murphy (Old Chatham, US)
One great's gifts I received

While I had wanted to buy the matcha maker, before I could purchase it was given to me as a gift -- love it and highly recommend it!

Evan Dash (New York, US)
Outstanding Products and Service

Cuzen has the rare blend of quality products and outstanding service. Originally a birthday gift for my wife, it has become the gift that keeps on giving. The appliance works great and the taste of their matcha is amazing. Highly recommend!