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Matcha Leaf

Our exclusive full-leaf blends are shade-grown tea leaves from Japan.

The three weeks of shade before spring harvest protects the amino acid L-theanine, resulting in the distinct umami-rich flavor of matcha. The leaves are carefully dried and prepared, and we keep them whole right until your drink is made.

There are two harvest seasons for matcha. The first harvest in the spring produces a smooth, umami-rich flavor since the leaves contain more L-theanine and fewer catechins. The second harvest in the summer produces a bold and earthy flavor since the leaves contain more catechins, and less L-theanine. 

Two Original Blends

We’re launching two blends: Premium from spring harvest leaves, and Signature blending spring and summer harvest leaves.

Signature Matcha Leaf

50/50 blend of tea leaves picked in spring and summer

For mixing: double or triple shots for matcha lattes, sparklers, beer, white wine and more

Balanced and full-bodied

Premium Matcha Leaf

100% first harvest tea leaves picked in spring

Ceremonial grade

For straight cups of matcha

Smooth and umami-rich

Why Cuzen Matcha?

Freshly Ground Leaves

Pre-Ground Powder

100% Grown in Japan


100% Tencha Leaves


Consistent Fine Grind


Freshly Ground

Long Shelf Life

Fresh Aroma

Complexity of Taste