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Matcha Leaf

All matcha powder starts out as tencha leaves.

After three weeks of shade growing, our leaves are a vibrant green and full of umami flavor—only then are they ready to be picked for harvest. The leaves are then steamed, dried, prepared, and sealed so they stay fresh right until your drink is made.

We carefully source our shade-grown organic leaves from an independent tea farm in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan.

Our original blends

Two different kinds. Both from shade-grown organic harvests.
Matcha tea leaves | Premium and Signature


100% first spring harvest tea leaves

Smooth and umami-rich

Perfect for drinking straight, without mixing.

Matcha tea leaves | Premium


A blend of spring and summer harvest tea leaves

Balanced and full-bodied

Meant for mixing. In matcha latté, sparkling matcha, beer, white wine, and more.

Matcha tea leaves | Signature