Matcha powder begins as tencha leaves

After three weeks of shade growing, our leaves are a vibrant green and full of umami flavor—only then are they ready to be picked for harvest. The leaves are then steamed, dried, prepared, and sealed so they stay fresh right until your drink is made.
USDA Organic Certification and JAS Organic Certification

Our original blends

Two different kinds. Both from shade-grown organic harvests.
Matcha Leaf Packet Premium


Perfect for drinking straight
Matcha Leaf Packet Signiture


Meant for mixing in a matcha latté, sparkling matcha, beer, white wine and more.















Single-Origin Tea

Like coffee beans, Japanese green tea is most-often blended to create a specific taste or quality. While blended green tea comprises tea from different regions and varieties, single-origin uses just one variety of tea from one region, country or farm so that its unique set of qualities may be appreciated, unaltered. Often but not always, the origin is the same as the name of the tea and the reputation of that place holds esteem by tea connoisseurs. Our Okumidori comes from a sustainable farm in the Kirishima region of the Kagoshima prefecture.

Grown in a special place

We’re proud to work with Japanese tea farmers dedicated to high-quality organic tea production. They’re one of the small number of Japanese farms that are fully organic.

The farms, located in the Kirishima area (literally “fog island”) of Kagoshima prefecture, are terrific natural environments for tea growth. The high altitude means fewer insects can live there, plus there’s usually a good amount of moisture in the air and plenty of sun, which help produce healthy leaves.

Comes in two sizes

Our Premium and Signature blends come in 20g and 60g packets. Both sizes are available with a subscription.
Matcha Leaf Packets Premium and Signature 20g

20g Leaf Packet

Just the right size to fill up the tea hopper, where tencha can be stored for up to two months before grinding. Makes up to 20 shots per packet.

20g leaf packet makes up to 20 cups of matcha shot
Matcha Leaf Packets Premium and Signature 60g

60g Leaf Packet

Resealable packet for storage—plus you get a slight per-cup discount. Makes up to 60 shots per packet.
60g leaf packet makes up to 60 cups of matcha shot