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Ceremonial Set

Ceremonial Set

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Cuzen brings the traditions of authentic Japanese matcha to the modern kitchen. Celebrating our tea ceremony origins, we’ve collected some of the finest quality matcha and ceremonial objects into this limited-edition set. Nara ceramicist Takuya Kanamoto resonated with us, not only because of his beautiful Oribe matcha bowl, but because of his intentions for its use —special occasion or everyday, matcha or cereal. Okumidori, is one of the highest quality tencha, and with Cuzen’s grind-only mode, these sought-after tea leaves are freshly ground for your ceremonial matcha preparation. Here’s to making new rituals for today.

(Note that Okumidori comes in whole leaf form and must be ground into powder, using Cuzen’s Matcha Maker.)


  • 20g organic, single-origin whole tencha leaf, Okumidori
  • Yamato Oribe ceramic matcha bowl by Takuya Kanamoto
  • Chashaku (spoon) 
  • Chashen (whisk)
  • Kiri Bako (reusable box, paulownia wood)


  • Matcha leaf can / Height: 4.72" Diameter: 2.28"
  • Matcha bowl / Approx. Height: 3.35"  Diameter: 3.94"  Weight: 0.6 lb  Capacity: 10.48 floz
  • Chashaku / Length: 7.25"  Width: 1"
  • Chasen / Height: 4.5" Width: 2.45"
  • Kiri bako / Height: 11.4" Width: 8.7" Depth: 6.4"


Ceramic artist

Takuya Kanamoto

  • 2003 Practiced in Nara, Japan
  • 2001  Aichi Higher Vocational Technical College (ceramic major)
  • 1998   Ryukoku University, Kyoto (economy major)
  • 1974   Born in Nara

Chasen and chashaku

The chashaku is an elegantly carved bamboo scoop for measuring matcha powder. The chasen is a whisk meticulously cut from a single piece of bamboo, ready to transform your matcha powder into a frothy tea. Both are made in Japan.

Kiri bako

The Ceremonial Set is gently packed into an elegant kiri bako, a nail-free box made from paulownia wood. kiri bako is traditionally-designed, durable and known for keeping out moisture and pests, making it popular for food storage or meal-toting.


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Use the grind-only setting for hand-whisking and ceremony

In the era of Sen-no-rikyu, tea masters ground the leaves into matcha powder just before serving. Although most matcha is now only available as pre-ground powder, we’ve included a grind-only function so you can have freshly-ground matcha for ceremonial use.

  • Step 1

    Place the dry whisking cup or any fitting cup on the platform, below the metal funnel.

  • Step 2

    First, push the strength button once and the light will turn on.
    Second, push and hold the strength button until all three lights blink.

  • A person touches the “start” button on the Matcha Maker control panel.

    Step 3

    After a moment, push start. The lights will stop blinking, but will remain lit.

  • Step 4

    The grinding process will take three minutes and a beep will indicate your powder is ready.

    The grind-only mode makes 1.5 grams (¾ tsp).

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