January 16, 2024

 A worker releases the just-harvested leaves from the truck.
Bright, freshly-harvested leaves, ready to be processed

Cuzen Matcha is Whole30 approved

We have great news for matcha-lovers observing the Whole30 program. Thanks to our commitment to 100% organic, whole leaves, Cuzen Matcha is now a Whole30 approved partner. 

If you are observing the Whole30 program and want to start a healthy ritual as part of your personal plan, Cuzen Matcha is clean, plant-based, accessible and a delicious way to start your day.

What exactly is Whole30?

Whole30 is a health reset-program. It guides people into a healthier lifestyle by recalibrating the palate and creating new food-related habits and behaviors. To make it easier, they’ve developed a certification program for brands, based on the Whole30 guidelines. 

This was a seamless partnership for Cuzen, because all of our leaf blends are delivered whole, fully organic and uniquely pure, and there are no additives or added sugars in a cup of Cuzen Matcha. Matcha is also a good alternative to coffee, because it increases energy levels without giving you the jitters or a caffeine crash and boasts more antioxidants than many antioxidant-rich foods.

A farmer walks through rows of leaves shaded with a long piece of material.

The timing for this collaboration couldn’t be better as it’s that special part of the year for locking in new habits. Matcha is useful for your new year resolutions in more than one way: Not only can it be the centerpiece of a quiet and reflective morning ritual, but it can also increase your energy and give you a boost of antioxidants.

Make a Whole30-friendly iced matcha cortado

For just a hint of creaminess to highlight the robust matcha profile.

Read more about tea cultivation, ceremony, preparation and more.

Cuzen Matcha is Whole30 approved

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