Rev. Takafumi Zenryu Kawakami sitting with a glass of tea.
A glass of cold sparkling matcha on a tray

SingleThread matcha recipe collection

SingleThread’s Chef Kyle Connaughton is partnering with Cuzen to elevate our freshly-ground matcha recipe collection. SingleThread is a Sonoma County restaurant-farm-inn, where the master chef borrows from Japanese culinary styles and aesthetics.

SingleThread recipes

Two new recipes a month, distinctive and expertly curated around the particular notes of freshly-ground matcha.

An organic friendship

Even in his lifetime, Chef Kyle Connaughton has become a legend, stacking up awards and recognition for the restaurant and farm that he and his business partner and wife, Katina Connaughton, have established. This is why Cuzen was honored when, in 2020, Cuzen Matcha Makers were added to the carefully curated array of amenities in SingleThread Inn’s guest suites. Chef Kyle and Cuzen founder Eijiro Tsukada share many of the same commitments: the practice of environmental sustainability, a passion for the best ingredients and a high esteem for both tradition and the present moment. For these reasons, SingleThread is a natural partner for Cuzen. 

About SingleThread

SingleThread combines the art of sustainable agriculture with culinary excellence. The relationship between farmer and chef is more than a side story; it is the heart of the experience. Chef Kyle and Katina Connaughton created an experience that focuses on “omotenashi,” described as the heightened sense of hospitality and anticipation of a guest’s every need. 

SingleThread is the first and only three Michelin-starred restaurant in Sonoma County and a recipient of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ “Miele One to Watch” Award. In 2020, The Michelin Guide honored SingleThread with a Green Star, its first year of awarding restaurants in the United States for gastronomic sustainability. 

About Cuzen Matcha

Cuzen started with a simple vision: to make authentic, freshly-ground matcha accessible for modern, daily ritual. Long-time friends, Eijiro Tsukada and Oki Hatta put their minds together and designed the elegant Matcha Maker, a machine that uses traditional stone mill technology to grind whole, organic leaves into fresh, high-quality matcha. Cuzen’s Organic Matcha Leaf packets are offered for order or by subscription.